Equipment Service
and Repair

Who We Are

Red Fox Service and Repair is a commercial maintenance, repair and installation service established to ensure businesses never have to suffer a loss of sales from faulty equipment. Started in 2016, our owner-operated business is well-known for our principles of maintaining a solid work ethic and treating our customers with respect. We currently employ over 20 technicians, each professionally trained and specialized in commercial equipment maintenance, who all work around the clock to ensure that you can call us for help 24 hours a day. Don’t subject yourself to another second of equipment failure, call us!

Overall Services

Just like the businesses that use them, commercial properties are all very unique. They house specialized equipment used by professionals every single day. Unfortunately, however, equipment wears and sometimes breaks. Having to fix it yourself can take a long time, but why bother? At Red Fox, we have repair specialists available to help you. Our team has the know-how and experience to tackle issues with walk-in coolers and freezers, bain tables, ice makers, toaster ovens, commercial-grade coffee and tea machines and many more. No matter the workload, you can count on Red Fox to get your commercial property working again.

Commitment to
Our Clients

At Red Fox Service and Repair, we’re committed to ensuring that your commercial establishment operates at its full potential. Our technicians have worked on-site with a wide variety of different businesses, and have repaired a multitude of different fixtures and devices. From commercial-grade coffee makers to 20-ton HVAC systems, we are confident that no matter your issue, we can fix it for you. We offer a 30-day parts and labor guarantee.